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Briggs & Stratton and Associates always provide dedicated and qualified service. Over the course of your transaction period, our agents will use their unique set of skills and existing connections to ensure all aspects of your business with them is properly curated and well-executed.

Selling a Home

Our agents will take you smoothly through the sale of your home. Their local network is unparalleled in Victoria and their collaborative marketing and business expertise will let you enjoy a stress-free sale process.

We know where to market your property most effectively, and how to pull the right buyer through your door. We can actually prepare your home so it presents in an appealing manner, or if need be, have your space fully staged. Professional photo and video, listing brochures, and reach to impressive contacts, are just the the tip of the iceberg that is a listed home. Showcasing your property in the best possible light takes a set of expert hands, like ours.

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This guide provides a general overview of the essentials you need to understand in order to navigate today’s real estate market.

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